About Us

Brobo Group

Brobo Waldown manufacture premium quality industrial machinery to the highest standards which conform to Australian Occupational Health and Safety Standards. Brobo currently manufacture a large range of industrial metal saws, pedestal drills, grinders, specialised purpose machinery and are also a supplier of high and low volume precision machined components.

The Brobo Waldown has been involved in engineering, design and manufacturing industrial machinery since 1947. Today “Brobo” is a household name in the Australian manufacturing industry. Brobo Waldown has been progressively expanding their enterprise to be recognised as one of the leading saw manufacturing companies in the world.

Initially, the company manufactured a range of industrial tools for the Australian market. However, in 1957, Brobo introduced its first cold saw machine, which revolutionized the metal cutting industry in Australia. Cold saws use a circular blade to cut through material, resulting in a clean, burr-free cut. This was a significant advancement from traditional sawing methods, which often resulted in rough edges and required additional processing.

Brobo’s cold saw machines quickly gained popularity and the company expanded its range to include a variety of models, each designed for specific applications. Today, Brobo offers a range of high-quality cold saw machines, including manual and automatic models, as well as specialized saws for cutting steel, aluminum, and other materials.


Mission Statement

Brobo Waldown strives to develop cost effective, quality assured machining tools to the evolving manufacturing environment.

Our mission aims to provide innovative yet viable solutions to the competitive global marketplace, while providing an exceptional level of friendly and reliable customer service in a professional manner.

Competitive Advantage

  • Brobo Waldown machines, manufactured in Australia to the highest standard by a 100% Australian owned company.
  • We operate a quality assurance system that has allowed us to achieve accreditation to ISO9001.
  • We have invested in a significant number of CNC machines to provide a quality-controlled contract machining and manufacturing business.
  • We continually upgrade our machinery; develop rapid-change tooling and setup reduction techniques to produce your materials at competitive prices.
  • We are backed by experienced engineers and highly-skilled machinists.
  • We currently perform contract work for a large number of clientele from the automotive, mining, defence, water and gas industries.
  • Comprehensive before and after sales service.
  • Supply to engineering and manufacturing industries worldwide.